Adrienne Everett is a fitness trainer who embodies the power of connection and values holistic well-being. With a strong focus on yoga, veganism, work awareness, and travel, she seeks to inspire her audience to embrace a lifestyle that promotes discipline, internal and external health, and clarity of decision-making.


Adrienne faced the challenge of establishing a powerful social media presence that effectively communicated her values and resonated with her target audience. She desired to build a community of like-minded individuals who could connect, learn, and be inspired by her content.

To address Hippie Who Hustles' challenge, Unbolt collaborated with her to develop a comprehensive content strategy. The strategy aimed to leverage the power of social media to amplify Adrienne's message and build a strong connection with her audience. Four key pillars were identified: Awareness, Entertain, Education, and Inspire. Through visually appealing photoshoots, engaging videos, personal storytelling, and inspirational moments, Adrienne's social media accounts were transformed into a hub of valuable content that resonated with her audience.

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